Company History

A Technical cooperation agreement was signed in 2003 between Technip Group and a Nigerian Company, Crestville Engineering & Technology Limited for engineering services in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. Success of the cooperation between the two partners & Continuous market demands Led to Creation and incorporated of CresTech in July 3rd 2007 and started operations on 1st December 2007.
  • CresTech was formed through an equity partnership between Technip Group with a share holding of 39% , held by its Nigerian-based company – Technip Offshore Nigeria Limited (TONL) , and HighCrest Technologies Limited – a company fully owned by Nigerians with a majority share holding of 61%.
  • Over the years, CresTech has developed its own engineering & management methods, as well as tried-and-tested standards and procedures to render high quality engineering services in the Oil and Gas sector.
CresTech offered engineering and project management services to the oil & gas companies in Nigeria with the aim to cover the West African regional market.
Due to low crude oil sales and facilities development in 2015, Technip Group took a decision to reduce it’s participation in onshore and offshore engineering activities to mainly concentrate in subsea works and therefore sold its 39% shareholding in CresTech to HighCrest, the majority Shareholder. The Technip Group (through TONL) decided to maintain a Collaboration Agreement with CresTech to execute work as it pleases, on a project by project basis, effective 15th December 2015. This made CresTech a 100% Nigerian-owned company.